Icebox Gift Baskets

Custom designed gift baskets for every occasion
order from where the locals shop!

Beer basket selections...
Choose from these customer favorites or design your own.
Featuring slim jims, beer nuts,  chocolates, and more.
Domestic, imported or microbrews, it's your choice.
Wrapped in thank you, birthday, confetti or stars, they are perfect for any occasion.
Visit to see our wide selection of beers in stock.

Beer Tour of the World... $35.99




Beer lover's delight! Tour the world with 4 large bottles of select beer.... Heineken, Bass, Guiness and Newcastle, 2 pilsner glasses, slim jims and beer nuts.

Supersize: 8 bottles & more treats...$59.99

(Shown unwrapped for best picture,
actual will be gift wrapped!)
Beer Buckets

    Wrap their favorite wine or beer in a
beer bucket or wicker basket with a special birthday candle and birthday wrap.
You pick the six pack, we make it special.


The Grill master!
Featuring the beer of your choice. 6 pack or 12-pack, slim jims, beer nuts and barbeque
linens and tools.
Priced from $34.99 to $49.99.


Featuring the beer of your choice. 6 pack or 12-pack, slim jims, beer nuts and barbeque
linens and tools.
Priced from $34.99 to $49.99.
Sam Adams basket ...
the local's favorite.
This basket features Sam Adams (you pick your favorite), two beautiful collector's Sam Adams glasses and lots of snacks. Only $54.99.

Beer Towers!
We will use your favorite beer to build a tower of enjoyment. Includes (24) 12 oz. beers and looks just like a birthday cake!
Only $34.99

Add scratch tix or cigars for more fun!
ONLY $24.99

Featuring 6 BEER bottles in a bucket
with 2 slim jims, 2 sleeves of peanuts and 3 Lindt Chocolates. The perfect office-mate gift!
Add a zippered beer cozie, just $6 extra.

The 12-pack crowd pleaser...From $50.

Choose his favorite 12 pack of beer, a beer cozie and surround it with his favorite goodies. Choose from gourmet foods, cigars, scratch tickets... Just about anything from our package store. Go ahead, have some fun! This is why we call it custom! As shown $75. With less treats... just $50.

Of course, any basket can made into a birthday basket by adding a birthday candle and wrapping in a birthday motif wrap...
 just ask!

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